Hello, World!

Think of yourself. Then think of your friends, your family, your neighbour or your mailman. You all have unique personalities, interests, hobbies and passions. You have different ages, genders and live in different places. When you, and all the people you just thought about, go to online retail, entertainment and news websites, you see identical products and content. You will all see products, videos and articles revolving around sports you don’t watch, articles you don’t care for, and music you don’t listen to.

Our point is, you and everyone else see the same content on these websites. We call this static content because it doesn’t change. It doesn’t suit every individual’s unique characteristics. People won’t stick around on a website after the first 5 seconds if you don’t show content that is relevant to them.

Taglayer Web Personalisation Software

Filter out all irrelevant content automatically

Often times the Internet floods you with content, which doesn’t take into account what you are actually interested in. What if there was a way to filter out all the irrelevant content automatically? If this was the case, you could always have awesome media and products without ever again having to worry about having the Internet overwhelm you with redundant content. That is why we believe that the Internet needs a certain type of facelift.

Well, we have made this “what-if” become reality. We personalise your website based on the interests and personality of every visitor in real-time, using cross-website browsing data. You just keep producing content, and our software will automatically display your website in the best fit with each visitor, all instantaneously. To put this in simpler terms, we are able to automatically make your website display content/products customised to each and every individual visitor, based on their complete browsing behavior. We like to call this dynamic content. Most importantly, it is completely anonymous. Our software is built to guarantee your visitors’ privacy.

The most recent figure of how many people are connected to the Internet has crossed the 3-billion mark. That does not only show that there will be more content online, but it shows that with every added person to the internet, a new set of preferences and interests is added to the already heavily diverse spectrum of people on the web. The internet has been exponentially increasing its reach and content over the past few years, which makes it even more important to funnel the mind-boggling amount of information directed towards billions of Internet-users. For this exact reason, it is now more important than ever before that the right content from the producer (websites) has to be transferred to the suitable consumer (visitors). You can see Taglayer as the facilitator of this supply and demand, where we guarantee the visitor with the most suitable and customised display of information. This will change the way the internet is viewed drastically.


Now, that’s a lot to take in. Personalisation, dynamic content, cross-website data and all these other concepts are intricate in their workings and complex in their implications. That’s why we, Taglayer, are starting this blog-series. We believe that our goal lies beyond the customer transaction. We believe that the world’s internet inhabitants deserve to be educated on what the web of the future can look like.

We’ll talk about the what’s, why’s and how’s of personalisation. We’ll talk about “Marketing 2.0”, the B2B Tech Market and the importance of technology across all industries. We will also cover our adventures to conferences, competitions and networking events. Before we end our very first blog post, we would like to say a bit about ourselves. We are Taglayer, a resident startup in the KBC Boerentoren in Antwerp, Belgium. We believe in disruptive change, continuous learning and recurring coffee breaks. We are going to change the face of the internet.

Written on April 14, 2016